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the brief

George is a part time racing driver who approached us in November 2022. He wanted a video that could help him expand his personal brand and bring in sponsors for the upcoming racing season. George wanted a behind the scenes, documentary style video to engage with potential new followers on YouTube as well as a short trailer that he could use to advertise the longform video on Instagram.

Car Still002.png
"Norde Polar Media did a great job at producing some high quality video content for my social channels.

Rhys was especially helpful in the planning stages to help capture the essence of the video I was aiming to make, and devised strategies for making the most of our day of filming.

On the day, Rhys knew exactly how to capture the best content that fit the brief, and did so in a creative but efficient manner.

Editing was also great - again, Rhys had an incredibly clear picture of exactly what I wanted to produce, and managed to create a video that ticked all the boxes. Norde Polar are incredibly good at dissecting exactly what we wanted to achieve, and created a polished product that introduced ideas that I hadn't thought of, yet really brought the whole thing together.

Norde Polar media did a great job and I will certainly be using them again in the future"

George Palozzi



5%+ Engagement rate

1%-5% is considered a good engagement rate on Instagram.

most liked video

This video got 726 likes, that's nearly double Georges followers at 410. 900% more likes than any other post

50x more viewers than subs

When posting the video George had 0 subscribers on YouTube.

5* review

George gave us 5* in his review as seen above

most viewed video

This video became George's most viewed video at 14,305.

top youTube video

Best performing YouTube video.

the result

George Palozzi

George Palozzi

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