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Drone Video

Drone video is revolutionary. It offers viewers an entirely new perspective whilst watching a video. We offer drone footage to our clients that choose our commercial, event or documentary services as well as a stand alone service. 


We have worked in a range of different environments, inside cities, out in the country side to working at an active airport. We have all relevant qualifications and insurance. 

When needed by our client we work with third parties to sort out all the paperwork so you don't have to. This includes things like risk assessments to insure the flight of the drone is done in a safe and controlled manner.

Our pilots aren't just qualified to fly the drone but they are also extremely good at capturing beautiful images whilst flying our advanced DJI drones.

Drone video
Drone video of real estate

Why use a drone?

Stand alone drone videos are great for when showcasing a structure or landscape. They give your viewers a different perspective to what they are used to.

Drones within a larger video can help set the scene, introduce new locations and follow fast paced subjects as well as many other things. 

It's are a great bit of kit, equipped with a 4K camera and can travel up to 10km (according to DJI).

How can our drone videos help your business?


A different perspective in larger productions


Helps to tell a story


Reaches places hand-held cameras can't


Keeps up with fast moving subjects


Can see for miles and miles

Completed video production projects

Commercial, Documentary and Content Creation

client testimonials

Rooster PR

Worked with Rhys and Norde Polar Media on an arts festival project in Leeds and it was a pleasure from start to finish. They were easy to deal with, understood the brief, punctual with deadlines, communicative and happy to go the extra mile. Ourselves and our client were delighted with the finished products, which landed our client coverage on BBC and a host of local media outlets.

Will definitely be using them again in the future.




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