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Today, branded and social media content is a vital part of most businesses marketing strategy. This content can be used to attract potential customer, engage existing customers, create hype around a product and much much more. A great example of branded content would be Red Bull events or The Lego Movie. They promoted their product by attaching themselves to films and events. Social media content is usually short videos designed to be interactive and boost sharing. If you need help creating and distributing these two forms of media, luckily you've come to the right place, as we provide both services.


We are no stranger when it comes to creating reels for social media. We've worked with internationally recognised brands, creating content that can help them boost their online presence. 


We got a fantastic opportunity to work with Hawkes Cider at two huge London festivals. Filming their product in the hands of festival goers to create branded and social media content.

We've also filmed for restaurants to create exciting and fun reels that have helped to attract celebrities to come try their food.

Branded content video
Social media management

Monthly & retainers

Although we do work with some clients on individual project basis, other clients feel like they need more regular content. 


This is where our social media management packages are of great use. They include weekly uploads of reels, videos and pictures as well as other services such as email marketing, deal promotions and booking management.

Find out more using the link below:

Filming & crew

We have a fantastic team of friendly, creative and integral video production experts. Every part of the process is taken care of by us, from planning to editing in post production. 

We work with high end cameras and equipment to give our crew the opportunity to produce the best results for you.

We work with international brands on high budget shoots but also work with smaller national businesses and even start ups. We can provide a fantastic video package for everyone.

Video content

How can our social media & branded content videos help your business?


Build relationships with your followers


Growth to reach new people


Spearhead campaigns


Help with rebranding


Build a brand image

Completed video production projects

Commercial, Documentary and Content Creation

client testimonials

Rooster PR

Worked with Rhys and Norde Polar Media on an arts festival project in Leeds and it was a pleasure from start to finish. They were easy to deal with, understood the brief, punctual with deadlines, communicative and happy to go the extra mile. Ourselves and our client were delighted with the finished products, which landed our client coverage on BBC and a host of local media outlets.

Will definitely be using them again in the future.

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