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the brief

For this promotional video, Keela wanted to target young people, showing them the benefits of outdoor adventure. At the same time as this showcasing the qualities of their products in extreme environments. The task was set to trek around 30km across the Scottish Highlands in winter, filming every step of the way to create a mini documentary of our trip whilst using Keela gear.

"The team at Norde Polar Media did a fantastic job at capturing our kit recently whilst hiking through the Scottish Highlands.

Their breath-taking shots, attention to detail, and lovely commentary all came together very nicely in the final edit. Thank you for the great work!e"

Keela Team



Making this video was a fantastic experience, over the 30km we filmed in a lot of different types of terrain and weather conditions. We stayed overnight in a bothy, which was located at the halfway point of the hike. Even though the weather on the first day didn't go our way we still managed to film a great video that showed the qualities of the products Keela supply and show young people how amazing our little island is. 

the result

Keela Outdoors

Keela Outdoors

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