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Three flames

the brief

When we first spoke to Three Flames Bar & Grill, they had been building the restaurant for over a year and were weeks away from opening. They wanted a series of promotional videos that they could use to boost their online presence once the restaurant opened. We made videos showcasing the food and service, as well as the interior of the restaurant and it's location. Since then, the restaurant has become well known in the West Yorkshire area, with visits from Tom Zanetti and the Food Review Club.

"Rhys and Norde Media Polar, assisted us with all our work when we opened and this allowed us to grow our presence massively. He comes up with excellent ideas and Is always working to provide the best service possible."

Three Flames

"Excellent quality and service by Norde Polar Media. Rhys is always coming up with great ideas and has the greatest service you could possible ask for. Definitely recommended for your media needs!!"

Three Flames - Manager



5.5%+ Engagement rate

1%-5% is considered a good engagement rate on Instagram.

most liked post

The pictures we provided were part of the highest liked post to date at 312

most liked video

Most liked video at 190 likes. Video posted shortly after opening.

5* review

Three Flames gave us two 5 star reviews!

Highest viewed video

One of our videos gained 5,136 views. Video posted shortly after opening.

7 videos in total

We made a variety of reels and promotional videos for Three Flames

the result

Three Flames

Three Flames

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