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Columbia events

the brief

We've worked with Columbia Events on multiple projects located all across the country. In total we have been involved in 6 projects, creating 8 separate videos. These projects include filming at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, Hamilton Race Course and numerous festivals. To conclude, we were asked to create a highlight video of all the events put together that they could use as a promotional and website video.

"Great experience working with Norde Polar Media, they grasped the tone and style of the video we were after from the first draft which made the whole process so straight forward and were rapid to make our desired changes, will definitely work with them again."

Sean, Owner


Our videos are used by Columbia Events to send to potential clients to showcase what they can do as a business rather than for social media use. We started working with Columbia Events in their early days, since then we have seen the business grow. From one bar set ups to now partnering with festivals and events as their sole bar supplier.

the result

Columbia Events

Columbia Events

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